Are your handkerchiefs made in America?

Not really.

At American Handkerchief, we outsource our manufacturing and fulfillment to printful.com—an on demand direct to garment printing a fulfillment company.

Printful sources 99% of its products from a collection of global suppliers. They ship from fulfillment centers closest to customers' locations from fulfillment centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Latvia, with partner facilities in Japan, Brazil, and Australia.

In short, our handkerchiefs are likely NOT made in America, but our processes are arguably:

  • Better Quality: by partnering with global suppliers, we can ensure the utmost quality at a reasonable price.
  • Greener: emissions from shipping are greatly reduced compared to traditional methods of manufacturing and fulfillment, and our landfill contributions are as low as possible.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds.

We have literally zero customer service and rarely even check our email.

If this is concerning to you, DO NOT ORDER A HANDKERCHIEF FROM US.

Is this a real company?


We (and let's be honest, I) used to take this more seriously. "We" had great ambitions to make the handkerchief great again, and spent way more time on this project than is reasonable. After a handful of years, we grew tired of the project but didn't want to kill it completely, so we found a way to make this all work autonomously for the annual cost of domain registration.

The website is functional, and the products are real.

If you order something, you'll probably get the thing in the mail, but if you write a bad review on Yelp, we won't care.

Who is behind American Handkerchief?

My name is Mike. I'm on Twitter/X: @mjmacfadden. I post there almost never. Follow me to see what I accidentally retweet.

What's up with your social media presence?

We have an instagram account. We stopped using it years ago, but some of the pictures are cool, so it will remain as long as Zuck allows.

Aren't Handkerchiefs gross?


$20 for a Hankerchief, seriously?


Will my order arrive in time for the holidays?

It almost certainly won't.

 You only sell three handkerchiefs?

The ecommerce platform we're using is free for shops with five or fewer products, so we may add a design or two in the future, but we definitely won't be adding three.