Scouts Are Prepared, Are You?

by | Jun 7, 2017

Be Prepared.

We Are Prepared!

All three of us are Eagle Scouts (are, not were—once an eagle always an eagle).

Achieving the rank wasn’t ever really a choice. That’s not to say it was forced upon us. To the contrary, we enjoyed it and wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. But it wasn’t ever really presented as optional. If you grew up in our house, then you were joining the Scouts, and if you were joining something, you weren’t just going to dip your toes in the water, you were going to jump into the deep end and give it your all.

Through merit badges and activities, participation in the Scouts introduced us to a multitude of activities and interests that have shaped who we are today.

Our troop meetings were held every Wednesday in the gym of the church that we had attended forever. Camping trips were planned, badges were earned, and dodgeball was played… no matter what, dodgeball ALWAYS got played.

And finally every night ended the same way.

Everyone in attendance gathered in a circle in the middle of the gym, the lights went dark, a moment of silence was observed, and a quiet admonition was spoken. Then came a call from the senior patrol leader at the center of the group, two words: “Be Prepared.” To which we responded in unison, “We are prepared!”

It’s a simple exchange really, a reinforcement of the motto that guides the Boy Scouts of America. We carry that memory with us everywhere, and it’s a sentiment that guides American Handkerchief. A simple piece of cloth, tucked in your pocket, ready when you need it.

Are you prepared?

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